Workshop II: Coil Work

$120.00 3 hours

Grab a friend, co-worker, significant other, or child to spend some quality time learning creative techniques for making your very own a hand-built pottery! Coil building is a primitive technique of building with clay, and in my opinion, the most pleasurable! It is how I build my large vessels. In this workshop you’ll learn how to coil build, make a small practice bowl, then create your own piece. You can shape the coils into into a larger bowl shape, a vase shape, or something more free-form — Your imagination is the only limit here!

Date: Sept 19, 2020
Class duration: 3 hours
Class location: Green Hills (Nashville) area. Address will be sent with confirmation email. All class times in Central Time Zone (CST)
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🔎 No clay experience needed
Class duration: 3 hrs
Price: $120
Class size: 12
Location: Green Hills (Nashville) Area
Time zone: CST
NEW: Purchase a Gift Card for this class

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